About A and B Automotive LLC

Our primary mission is to offer a great vehicle at the right price for your family, A&B Automotive is Veteran Owned founded on the premise that family comes first. We know your time and money is valuable and necessary for the health and well-being of your family, as it is to ours.

We offer vehicles at a fair price that we have inspected and performed work on ourselves to ensure we know our product, are honest about it, and know its fair value.                                                                

We will always put you, our customer, first and should an issue arise, we will be fair and equitable in its resolution.         

We have over 70 years of experience between Automotive Sales and Repair.

We offer financing to everyone. Whether you have credit challenges or not we have multiple lenders and will do whatever in our power to get you into a vehicle that fits your family’s needs.

We pride ourselves on being family owned. EVERY single vehicle that we have at our facility one of the two owners personally hand pick, drive and or service before getting to our lot for sale.

We value being a place where our children, our business, and our community can grow together.

We are happy working here, and we want you to be happy buying here. We have the same outlook on repairs, we want you to be comfortable knowing that we pride ourselves on using Quality Factory Parts for all of your service needs.

We strongly believe in the repeat and referral business and to be successful we must view people as long-term clients rather than quick sales. While we believe returning customers are our lifeblood, it is our long-time employees that make the customers always feel at home and welcome.

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